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Portable Fire Extinguisher Servicing

A fully charged and properly maintained fire extinguisher can help minimize the damage to your business and injuries to your employees and customers.

Our Fire Extinguisher Inspections & Annual Maintenance will keep you protected.

With Synergy Fire Extinguisher Servicing you can be confident that your equipment is:

  • Properly located & easily accessible.
  • Designed for the specific hazards in your premises.
  • Fully charged  & ready for immediate use.
  • Compliant.
  • All extinguisher data is documented and available through our innovative Online Suite.

The Synergy 10 Step Fire Extinguisher program includes:

  • Visual Inspection of all extinguishers on site.
  • Hydrostatic Fire Extinguisher Testing & Maintenance dates.
  • Weighting the Extinguisher.
  • Visual Inspection of pressure gauges.
  • Removal of tamper seals & safety pull pins.
  • Removal of discharge hoses & check for continuity.
  • Inspection of the valve assemblies.
  • Cleaning and re-hanging all extinguishers.
  • Review of extinguisher placement, sizes & types.
  • New certification tags to keep you in compliance.

Take the fight to the fire with Synergy Fire Extinguisher Service.

Call us today to have a Synergy Fire safety Technician perform a no-obligation assessment of your premises.  We’ll determine the types of fire risks you face & recommend the fire protection equipment, fire extinguisher services that will most effectively counter those risks.

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