Any training is only of use to a company if it is designed to improve skills related to their business. In other words, clients need the course they require to be specific.

The aim of training is to produce professional security staff, confident in their ability to perform their duties under any circumstances. Confidence is based on knowledge of the task to be performed and knowledge is based on training. Manpower is a company’s most valuable asset. Used effectively it will contribute more to growth and expansion than anything else.

It is through training that the most efficient use is made of manpower. The more effectively people are trained the better use they will make of the tools of their trade. To reflect our commitment to quality, we have made a substantial investment in our training function, including the provision of dedicated training facilities. All ten FETAC qualified, in-house Security Trainers have a wide range of experience coupled with Industry approved accreditation providing them with all the skills necessary to deliver effective training.


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