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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, simply put, is all the ways in which we as individuals differ from one another. Diversity encopasses the similaries and differences in characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, physical abilities and disabilities, race and sexual orientations. We at Synergy believe that every individual within our organisation brings with them a diverse set of perspectives including work and life experiences along with cultural and religious differences. Synergy has recognised the power of Diversity as we welcome differences in individuals and value and respect them. All of our employees here at Synergy Security Solutions are trained in diversity & inclusion awareness to help staff raise awareness of the value of collaborating with people of different cultures, races, genders, ethnicities, beliefs, experiences and ideas.

Our Vision

Synergy is always striving to maintain its diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected because of their difference.

Workforce Diversity & Inclusion

We at Synergy recruit from a diverse, qualified group of candidates which increases diversity of thinking and perspective. We also foster a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to all of our employees.

Sustainability & Accountability

We identify and breakdown systematic barriers to full inclusion by embedding diversity & inclusion in policies and practices and equipping our leaders with the ability to manage diversity & inclusion and be accountable for the results


We believe that everyone is responsible for maintaining an environment that is safe, respectful and productive. Every employee of Synergy has the right to be treated fairly within the workplace in an environment that recognises and accepts diversity & inclusion.

Our Culture

We at Synergy are a people orientated business and as well as fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity we also promote a positive corporate culture overall. 


This initialism and the various terms associated with it are indeed, always evolving. The most important thing is to be respectful and use the terms that people prefer. We at Synergy Security Solutions believe that LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace is a priority for our organisation. 


Synergy Security Solutions are disability aware. Synergy is committed to becoming more inclusive of people with disabilities. This requires knowledge of the challenges people with disabilities face at work.


Synergy Security Solutions is an age-diverse place of work. We pride ourselves on our multi-generation workforce.

Race, Religion and Ethnicity

Synergy Security Solutions welcome an ethnically diverse workforce. We are inclusive to all races, religions and ethnicities here at Synergy as we believe in valuing difference. We do this by creating a culture of freedom, respect and dignity for all of our employees.


Synergy Security Solutions believe in having a gender diverse workforce. Gender diversity is equitable or fair representation of people of different genders. While it most commonly refers to an equitable ratio of men and women, it may also include people of non-binary genders.

Impact Sourcing

Impact sourcing is an inclusive employment practice through which we here at Synergy believe in hiring, recruiting and providing career development opportunities to people who would otherwise have limited employment prospects for sustainable jobs such as the long-term unemployed, or those living under the national poverty line these people are known as impact workers.