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Specialist Services

In each case, Synergy Security Solutions selects a team of our most experienced partners, individuals appropriate to the situation and the client's needs. This team might be composed of experienced corporate security management, investigators, forensic accountants, legal analysts, Gardai, and professionals from other specialised fields, as required. The team's capabilities are augmented by state-of-the-art processes and systems that make Synergy Security Solutions Consulting and Investigations Practice unequalled in the field.

Through our partners, Synergy Security Solutions provides a range of computer forensics and IT security services, including, but not limited to: network system threat/vulnerability assessments, network architecture, infrastructure auditing, penetration testing and software development.

At Synergy, we can provide advice & guidance on Security Assessments, Forensics, Network Security, Server Hardening and Code Auditing. For more information, contact our sales team today!

The goal of a Penetration Test is to break into an organization and determine how to prevent future intrusions. Our Penetration Testers are trained in social engineering, special attack and deception techniques. We will employ the same methods that malicious actors would use against your organisation.

Whilst we are most recognised as a supplier of Security Officers, we pride ourselves on being able to supply staff who can undertake multiple duties according to the client’s requirements.

We recruit and train a number of specialist staff dedicated to Business Support roles. These staff are skilled in a variety of support tasks that are vital to the smooth running of your successful business.

These services typically include; cleaning, manning reception areas or providing maintenance and building managers.