Active Track

Active Track is a revolutionary security device that provides GPS location, real time monitoring ( Foot Patrols ) and critical 2 way communication with Security Guards & personnel.

The Active Track unit is a security device that integrates a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS mobile phone within a highly durable case. This advanced device can be applied both indoors and outdoors because of A-GPS service that supports GPS signals from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

The Active Track unit was designed to be a modern, easy to use device that offers many applications and a variety of benefits to its users.

The handy, waterproof and shock resistant casing, with built-in accelerometer, ensures that the device can be used both by commercial and private users: logistics companies, security & fire services, townhouse complex's, healthcare providers and child protection.

Features and Benefits of Active Track

  • REALTIME Patrol data
  • TWO WAY voice communication device with only pre-programmed outgoing distress calling but incoming voice calls
  • SEND signal via GPRS to monitoring station with reply request
  • RECEIVE incoming calls
  • PERSONAL protection system
  • PANIC button enables sending alarm signal – data and voice transmission in case of an emergency situation – lone worker protection
  • MAN DOWN motion sensor for fall detection
  • AUTOMATED notification in life threatening situations
  • GEO POSITIONING / GeoFencing configuration – Set GPS parameters and Active Track can send an alarm signal if the device moves to a position outside the defined range
  • ALLOW both outdoor & indoor tracking: Delivers satellite data such as accurate time and satellite status to the GPS receiver. This enables a GPS receiver to determine a position within seconds even in poor signal conditions and has been extremely successful in remote locations.
  • TAMPER detection allert and excessive shock detection send an alarm signal in the event of any attempts to tamper with or destroy the device
  • ONLINE real time tracking and history including GPS location
  • LARGE memory capacity
  • BUILT IN memory for registering up to 2000 events in the devices history allows collecting information about alarm signals, voice / sms connections and the route registred by GPS
  • PRE PROGRAMMED buttons for sending SMS alarm

Download our Active Track Brochure Here

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