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IT Security & Computer Forensics

As the epoch of the Information Age has come and gone, so has the artificial sense of security that has spawned from the novelty of the Internet and its business implications.

Corporations today, in both the public and private sectors, must acknowledge the fact that not only are their corporate assets under the constant barrage of malicious activities, but the implications involved with not taking proactive steps to protect against these attempts are dire; not only to their customers, but also to their entire operations as a whole.

Synergy Security Solutions and its alliance partnerships take the paradigm of the security consultancy to the next level; we provide expert engineers and architects to assess your infrastructure and legal gurus to provide you with the information you need to keep your liabilities at bay.

Service Offerings

Synergy Security Solutions provides a range of computer forensics and IT security services, including, but not limited to: network system threat/vulnerability assessments, network architecture, infrastructure auditing, penetration testing and software development.

Security Consulting

Security Assessment

From the source code of your applications and runtime environments, to your cluster nodes, databases, and network architecture, we have the prowess you need in order to get a realistic analysis and report of the vulnerabilities present in your technology.

Not only does a compromised node or network pose as an immediate threat to the rest of your infrastructure and organization, it is a sensitive piece of evidence that must be carefully analysed and documented so that the origin, exploit, and potential risk associated with the attack can be identified.

Network Security
An enterprise's network is the heart of its infrastructure; if it is compromised or brought down, not only are attached nodes in jeopardy, but the network's presence on the Internet can be diminished or routing advertisements for that network can cease completely. U.S. Security Associates engineers have the skills and the technology necessary to analyse your network architecture, DMZ design, and filtering methods. From your switch fabric to your network border, U.S. Security Associates provides you with the expertise required to secure your network at all pertinent layers of the OSI model.

Server Hardening
All it takes is one compromised machine to put your business assets at risk; that's why the U.S. Security Associates team of systems engineers has developed a stringent methodology for hardening your servers, whether they're high-transaction databases, highly available cluster nodes, or utility servers within your DMZ. While our experts specialise in securing systems based on Unix or Unix-derived platforms, we also provide hardening for systems running Microsoft Windows. We have developed security methodologies based on a blend between CMU's (Carnegie Mellon University) vulnerability reports and our own security procedures that are tailored on a per-platform basis.

Code Auditing
Insecure coding practices often lead to gaping holes in your applications; not protecting against vulnerabilities like buffer overflows, integer overflows, and poor string formatting can lead to unauthorised access to your systems. While securing your infrastructure is definitely a huge part of taking a proactive step in securing your technology, it cannot stop there, especially if you have custom code that is globally accessible from the Internet. Our teams of software engineers are experts in software auditing and reverse engineering.


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