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Disaster & Emergency

Disasters – whether natural or man-made – have one thing in common: they are rarely predictable and never prepared for completely. That is why highly trained and experienced disaster response, relief, and mitigation teams represent an elite cadre of professionals.

When it comes to disaster and emergency response, there is no room for the poorly trained, minimally experienced, or partially confident. Synergy Security Solutions intensive personnel training include a comprehensive disaster response curriculum to prepare its key personnel for every contingency. Intensive training is coupled with relevant experience to produce teams of disaster response partners who can successfully confront every situation.

In natural and man-made disasters, Synergy Security Solutions personnel provide crowd control, conduct security patrols, and administer first aid.

The company's experts partner with first responders, emergency aid organisations, government officials, and others, to provide seamless assistance to those in need.
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) programs help to protect your organisation by providing policies, procedures and safeguards that are designed to ensure the integrity and availability of critical data and assets in case of disruption. BCDR goes beyond the traditional "data backup" measures because it is about doing what is necessary to stay in business despite disruptions. It provides a broad-spectrum approach for dealing with everything from malicious insiders to floods to fires to bad wiring.

BCDR is a multidisciplinary, multifaceted approach to a complex set of problems, threats and risks.

Synergy Security Solutions have considerable experience in data safeguarding, not only from a technical standpoint, but from a physical perspective as well. Using industry best practices, our services range from assessing and analysing risks and business impact, to developing and testing BCDR plans. Moreover, Synergy Security Solutions performs gap analyses and delivers awareness programs for company staff. The result is End-to-end planning services that help corporate executives do business from a position of strength. By addressing BCDR planning needs from a strategic perspective, Synergy Security Solutions has the expertise to build a long-term plan, along with assisting companies to implement and test their BCDR program. As companies grow more dependent on the value of IT and electronic information, a reliable BCDR plan is more than an exercise in safety. It's nothing less than a vital business strategy.

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