Our Core Beliefs & Values

At Synergy Security Solutions, we recogniSe security is a discipline that requires a holistic view and approach to be successful in mitigating an organisation’s risks and vulnerabilities.

Security should be defined by its strategic role in supporting a business process; and by its increasingly important role in the relationship between an organisation, and its customers, partners, and employees.

Our service is based on the belief that forward looking organisations align security with enterprise objectives; and thus are more likely to translate security strategy into reduced costs of doing business, revenue enhancement, competitive advantage, and ultimately, shareholder value. The notion of security as a business enabler is now an essential concept for enterprises in every industry.

As your business associate, we are committed to ensuring that our strategy, people, technology, and process are all integrated, and working for you as a valued partner.

As a company, Synergy Security Solutions believes that core values must guide everything we do.  Our core values include:

  • An Abiding Client Focus.
  • Our Belief in Continuous Process Improvement.
  • Uncompromising Integrity.
  • Building Team Leadership.
  • Elimination of Internal Competition.
  • Investment in our Employees, Infrastructure, Equipment and Technology.
  • Respect for the job we each do.
  • Instilling Personal Accountability and Responsibility.
  • Valuing Honesty, Openness and Transparency in all Phases of our Operations.
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