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Industrial, Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical

Whether it’s multi-site or a small company needing one or two security officers, Synergy Security Solutions understands the issues and responds.

With everything from injuries to security breaches and loss prevention, both manufacturing and industrial facilities face huge potential losses and liabilities, each and every day. 

The key services provided by Synergy Security Solutions include:

  • Uniformed Security Officers
  • Receptionists and switchboard operators
  • Concierge services
  • CCTV, Access Control and Remote Monitoring
  • Search procedures and security scanning
  • Car park and parking management personnel
  • Mailroom services
  • On site, trained First Aiders
  • Building management
  • Disability Awareness
  • Internal and External building patrols

Our comprehensive, customised security service addresses and enables us to handle such issues as:

  • Access Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Post-Order/Safety Plan Development
  • Physical Security Surveys/Threat Assessments
  • Mobile Patrols & Spot Checks
  • Tool/Supply Room Management
  • Fire Marshaling
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s)
  • Incident First Responders
  • Weigh masters/Scale Operations
  • ID/Badging System Management
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • CCTV/HVAC Monitoring and Tape Management
  • Document Shredding
  • Threat assessments, consulting and investigations
  • Facilities protection
  • Crisis management
  • Emergency/unusual event response
  • Intellectual property security for research and development activities
  • Fire prevention and life safety programs
  • Investigation and protection against product tampering, counterfeiting and diversion
  • Protection of competitive research, production, product and marketing information
  • Supply chain logistics security, including over-the-road escorts of goods in transit
  • Meeting and event security (past performance at over 500 events)
  • Domestic and international executive protection
  • Management of threats from animal-rights and other activist groups, including security during demonstrations and residential security
  • Secure retrieval of company cars, computers, documents and drug samples from departing employees

The Industry Segments We Serve:

Some of the horizontal segments we serve include the Automotive, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, Distribution and Petrochemical industries.

Synergy Security Solutions is a management and systems-driven company, whose professionals have created and constantly refine an approach that evolves to meet the needs of its Industry clients. Company management works closely with clients to create customised security programs, focusing on advance planning and preparation for all contingencies. Our company's web-based roster management system allows management to integrate personnel scheduling, accounting, and account performance analysis.

Our human resources tools track each employee's performance and other information.
Synergy Security Solutions also excels in account transition, under (TUPE). Whether we are assuming security responsibilities from an internal staff, augmenting the current staff's capabilities or replacing a prior relationship, Synergy Security Solutions understands that the transition process is critical. Our management team is expert at rapidly becoming familiar with the client's needs, processes, policies and systems, in a seamless and transparent manner. We employ a performance management system that is designed to identify key performance drivers that our client and Synergy Security Solutions agree will serve as a baseline for performance measurement.

The selection and training of Synergy Security Solutions personnel are critical to the company's successful track record with a broad range of Industry clientele. Our rigorous selection process includes thorough testing, background checks, past performance analysis, personality/integrity profiles and other standards. Because a high level of confidence in security personnel is particularly crucial in industry, Synergy Security Solutions Security Solutions employs a rigorous selection process for applicants, which includes thorough testing, background checks, analysis of past performances, personality/integrity profiles and other standards.

A comprehensive training program assures that Synergy Security Solutions security personnel meet the highest standards of the industry, while personnel retention is higher than the industry norm due to attractive compensation packages and benefits.

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