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Health & Safety

Health: Wish to stimulate our employees’ wellbeing and opportunity to live a healthy life. It is the responsibility of Synergy Security Solutions to provide the framework for developing and sustaining healthy working conditions, through health promoting initiatives.

Work Planning: Involve and plan the work of the individual in a way which accommodates a good balance between demands and resources to minimize stress among employees. The demands towards the performance of each employee shall match the resources available. 

Improvement: The working environment is to be improved continuously. This will be achieved by simplifying our approach to health and safety yet striving to improve performance indicators by learning from working with our occupational health and safety management system and best practices. 

It is vital to the success of this policy, and the legal duty of all employees, that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety and anyone else who may be affected by their actions. In addition, all employees have a right and duty to call attention to circumstances which in their opinion are unreasonable or harmful to individuals or the company. Employees should report any such incidents to their people leader or a health and safety representative. In maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, we expect all visitors, contractors, temporary employees and anyone working in our areas, to adopt the same approach to managing and maintaining good health and safety standards and to cooperate with us by applying the principles of this policy as well as their own specialist health and safety procedures.