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Employee Suggestion Programme

Synergy Security Solutions places a high value on the efforts of employees to continuously improve the performance of the Organisation. Each employee has the benefit of a unique perspective on operations and a unique opportunity to identify and act on potential improvements. Cultivating our ability to continuously improve is essential for our long-term success. 

Toward this end, Synergy Security Solutions is pleased to provide an Employee Suggestion Programme that encourages, supports, recognises and rewards employees who engage in the improvement of financial performance, services to customers and safety. Every member of the management team will promote employee participation, will fully and fairly evaluate suggestions, and promptly implement every suggestion that can improve the Organisations performance.

Synergy Security Solutions’ Employee Suggestion Programme is an important means by which we engage every member of our team in innovation, participation, collaboration and continuous improvement. It is an integral part of our culture, annual operating plan and budget.

  • Promoting creativity and innovation throughout the organisation
  • Indirect cost savings
  • Safety improvements
  • Improved quality and service to external and internal customers
  • Improved communication throughout the organisation
  • Empowerment of staff
  • Opportunity to recognise and be recognised
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Assist with the delivery of other Quality Initiatives
  • Improved staff morale


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