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Employee Satisfaction Survey

By communicating with our employees and involving them in feedback, the company will help employees realise their aspirations, strengthen company performance and secure the long-time success of the business. The company is committed to implementing the Internal Communications Strategy, the principle aims of which are to:


  • Increase employee awareness of our strategy, plans, brands and activities.
  • Develop an integrated and coordinated approach to Internal Communication.
  • Encourage cross-functional employee contact.
  • Create mechanisms for the two-way flow of information for all employees. The sharing of information creates continuous product improvement, which inspires confidence and loyalty.
  • Enable our employees to contribute on issues, which affect them directly.
  • Enable our employees to input into matters where their experience allows them to make a valuable contribution.
  • Educate our employees in the skills and benefits of communications.
  • To continue to develop our website as a major communications and information tool for our organisation.


Where possible, communication will be face to face, as we have established that this is the most effective way of communication in our organisation.



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