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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity encompasses e.g. age, gender, experience, education, ethnicity, religious, cultural backgrounds. Lifestyle and family responsibilities are other critical dimensions. We work with a broad definition of diversity and our goal is to increase representation of all dimensions to reflect the increasingly diverse global marketplace we operate in. Our priority is building a diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone feels valued; they belong and can contribute fully. 

Equal opportunity is critical to successful recruitment and career development. We strive to develop an organisation where employees with different backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, perspectives and beliefs can all realise their full potential. To support these goals, we continue to improve our systems, processes and daily work. We ensure the language in our job adverts is gender-neutral, strive for balanced short-lists and interview panels and make our commitment to diversity and inclusion visible. We invest in everyone and make lifelong learning and career development solutions available to all. We have upgraded succession planning and track pay equity globally. Our priority is providing a fair and respectful approach across all areas.

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying. We want all employees to share their experience and perspectives in a respectful, fair, and safe environment. For further details on our policies, including what constitutes discrimination, harassment or bullying, and our grievance procedures, please refer to your local employee handbook.