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We’ve got a record to be proud of and all of the required systems and processes in place for the management of health and safety. We’re always trying to do better though. We want to make sure that health and safety is always embedded in our business culture - not only to protect our people, but to enable increased efficiency.

In keeping up to date with the developments and challenges in the world of safety and security, Synergy Security Solutions are always looking to align with professional organisations that can bring value to our clients. This is demonstrated by our regular attendance at numerous trade shows, exhibitions, and security related seminars and in the writing of papers and booklets on safety and security.

At Synergy, we benchmark every aspect of our service to make sure we deliver the best possible services at the most competitive cost. Benchmarking activities focus specifically on service delivery, best practice, pay, benefits, productivity and performance.

Data is modelled over time to inform weekly, monthly and quarterly performance reports. All this will ensure that we continually improve our service for the client throughout the duration of the contract. This will provide the best quality customer experience available from the security industry today. We are committed to reducing costs through innovation. Wherever possible, we will implement technology solutions or re-engineer the service model to improve efficiency and drive out costs. We will continually improve our security team’s performance using scenario training and testing. This is a formal platform to disseminate the latest improvements to our customers and our staff. We will look at each post/ position and ensure that the client is getting the best possible service.