Service Years Award



There is no doubt that employees are the most valued asset of any organisation and the ones responsible for its continued success.  At Synergy Security Solutions we value the dedication and loyalty of our employees, and celebrate their contributions and achievements.

As a symbol of our appreciation for your service to the Organisation, we have implemented a Service Recognition Program.  Recognition gifts are awarded to employees beginning at five years of cumulative regular service and every five-year milestone through 35 years and beyond. This program is administered by the Office of Human Resources.

The program, provides employees the opportunity to select a gift from a wide variety of options.  At the milestone anniversary employees will receive a Service Recognition packet, containing a catalog and detailed instructions to order the gift. Once ordered, the gifts are delivered to the Office of Human Resources for distribution through the employee's immediate supervisor or department head.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions you may have about our Service Recognition Program.  We will be happy to assist you if you need help completing your order.  

Please contact the HR office for futher details on + 353 (21) 4550200 - Ext 210



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