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Synergy Spotlight - Sinead Murray

Prior to joining Synergy Security Solutions, I gained vast experience within the retail sector which led to my interest within Human Resources.  I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management. My public facing engagement during my time within the retail sector helped me commence my journey within Human Resource world, Communicating and engaging with people on a day to day basis is what I thrive on and I look forward to continuing the journey. 

How long have you been working with Synergy, and what attracted you to the company?

I joined Synergy Security in August 2021 as a HR Support Officer shortly after completing my studies. The opportunity to gain experience in various aspects of HR and further enhance my skills and knowledge really attracted me to my current role in Synergy. 

How has your experience with the company been since you started? 

My personal development with Synergy has been great. The experience I have gained from various training opportunities and exposure has really allowed me to build a solid foundation in my HR journey. 

How have you found learning about a new Industry? 

Although I was familiar with Synergy Security before joining the company, I had no specific experience in the security industry. This was initially daunting for me but through training and support from the team I was able to pick it up in no time. From a HR perspective it was very interesting as there are certain policies and procedures that are only applicable to the security industry which was another way that I became more familiar with the security sector.  

How would you describe your team?   

The team is extremely supportive and there is a great pool of knowledge to learn from.

What are your main responsibilities as a HR support officer?

There are various responsibilities in my role as a HR Support Officer such as recruitment, training, maintaining and implementing company policies and procedures, supporting the team, employee relations and dealing with any HR queries 

How did you manage working through Covid-19? 

It was a extrmeley diffucult period for everyone both on a personal and professional level, I relaised even more the importance of having strong engagement with employees and also learned how to adapt and support all of our employees on the front line. 

What do you feel is the most interesting element of your role? 

The variety of work, no day is the same and because of this I am always learning and developing new skills.

Do you feel your work and efforts have been recognised? If so, How? 

 Absolutely! Hard work  and achievements are always recognised through our recognition platform.

What advice would you provide to someone interested in joining the security Industry?   

There is such great opportunities within security industry for career progression, I would advise anyone interested in the security industry to get as much experience as possible and avail of any training opportunities to further advance your skills. We support candidates wishing to join the industry via our trainee program and provide additional support and mentoring to each candidate.