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Synergy Launch Innovative New Incident Tracking Software

Synergy Launch Innovative New Incident Tracking Software

At Synergy, we are renowned for our commitment to Innovation and Service Improvement.
Operating in an industry that is continually evolving, we like to stay ahead of the game. Just very recently we have been selected as a National Winner in the European Business Awards for our commitment to Innovation. We are continuously looking at new ways to improve the level of service for our clients and to this end have a team dedicated solely to Quality Assurance and Improvement. We endeavour to provide the highest level of and best possible Security solutions whilst ensuring efficiencies for both us here at Synergy and for our clients.

A key element of our day-to-day duties as a Security Provider is recording and tracking any and all incidents on a client site. Traditional incident reporting can be very time consuming and involves a series of manual steps before the information is communicated to our client. To combat this we went in search of a much more cost effective and efficient system that will benefit both parties. Our search was a success and we are happy to announce that we have just launched brand new Incident Tracking software that will be rolled out across all client sites over the coming weeks.

This new system means that our clients are notified immediately of any and all incidents on site. The software also allows our Security personnel to upload photos or files as appropriate to the incident. By introducing this new software we are cutting out the middleman and giving clients complete and transparent real-time access to all incident reporting.

Have a look at this video to see exactly how it works.