Synergy Security Solutions is a PSA Approved Contractor licence Number (02006) and one of the principal members of The Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA).

We’re well-experienced in well-being. Synergy Security Solutions takes the issue of Health & Safety very seriously for all our employees, conducting risk assessments on all sites where our Security personnel are deployed.

Our whole business is focused on creating a better working environment, because we know that means a happier and more productive team. A lot of this is about good communication. If all our people know exactly what’s expected of them, we’re far better placed to understand and manage potential risks or hazards. More importantly, we want everyone to go home at the end of their working day safe and well.

We’ve got a record to be proud of and all of the required systems and processes in place for the management of health and safety. We’re always trying to do better though. We want to make sure that health and safety is always embedded in our business culture - not only to protect our people, but to enable increased efficiency.


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