Blue Book Scheme

Synergy is a company that is fully committed to Continuous Improvement through the site knowledge that their existing staff have and use. This is demonstrated through the way the company is run including the invaluable contribution that is made on a daily basis by all of our employees. We call this culture of Continuous Improvement “Synergising”.

Together we aim to provide the best customer care for our clients in the industry and clearly demonstrate this through our employees and their approach to customer service. This is achieved by understanding our customer’s requirements and consistently aiming to exceed them at all times, not just by reacting to problems or recognising ideas for improvement, but also creating solutions and implementing them through to completion.

Our primary goal is to be at least 1% better at everything we do and at the heart of this is “Synergising”. The part you play in making this happen is critical to our continued success.

What is the Blue Book?

It is a book kept on every site and in every office (which is clearly visible) used by all Synergy employees as part of our Continued Improvement Programme. It is an important document and is used to identify areas for improvement or recognising achievements. It is one sign of the many thousands of ideas and actions for improvement which we all contribute every day. It is also a reminder of the typical day to day improvements, which our clients find helpful in measuring the value of our contribution. The types of ideas or recommendations may be for:

  • Innovation
  • Customer Service
  • Bravery
  • Cost saving initiatives
  • Health and Safety

How does it work?

You write your idea for improvement or recommendation along with your proposed solutions, making sure you write your name clearly along with the names of any other involved in thinking up the idea in the “suggested by” section. Ensure that the index page is completed.

Your Operations Manager will look at the book for new entries on his /her next visit.

At the monthly Operations meeting, new ideas are reviewed and if considered relevant, a decision will be made whether they are implemented or not in conjunction with the clients input. Your operations manager can submit ideas to Head Office for recognition, whether they have been implemented or not on your site as they may be transferable to another site.

On a monthly basis all the ideas are discussed and the employees with the best idea will receive €100.00 and a certificate and the idea will be put in for the annual award.

At the end of the year the best idea of the 12 monthly winners will receive €1000.00 and a certificate.

What are the benefits of the blue book?

  • It gets site-based teams more involved in improving security and customer service on their site.
  • It promotes the desire for all Synergy employees to go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • It identifies the potential risks and helps ensure that they do not happen.
  • It saves time, money and hassle for our clients, their employees, their visitors and Synergy employees.
  • It promotes the sharing of ideas with other sites.
  • It gives Synergy employees recognition for a job well done through prizes and certificates.


The blue book is a simple yet very effective tool for all Synergy employees to show the depth of knowledge and involvement in constantly making improvements that add value to our clients. One of the most important things we have to offer our customers is our genuine commitment to Continuous Improvement – driving forward with a positive “can do” attitude and is at the heart of “Synergising”. All ideas are welcomed and recognised and exceptional ideas are rewarded. Your ideas for improving the “Blue Book” project itself are also welcome.

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