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Covid 19

As we enter re-opening of our economy, we completely understand the significant challenges faced by many of our clients.

Since early March, the entire Synergy Operations Team have been working very hard behind the scenes to develop an innovative suite of new security processes and safety procedures/solutions, all of which are designed to help us better guide business decisions in this "new-normal" work environment. Despite the challenging times we are in a position to offer additional technological solutions to support the health and wellbeing of your employees while at work. 

As always, the entire Synergy team are here to support you and your businesses. If you encounter any issues with your security levels, need some advice or guidance on best practice dont hesitate to contact us. 

Add a additional screening layer to your business by deploying a contactless temerpature screening system. The device allows for a safe and user firendly experience.

We have sourced contact tracing solution to support in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Take control of contact tracing in your facility. Proactively log close contact using small physical tags.


Ultraviolet rays are clinically proven to kill microorganisms by destroying microbial DNA and RNA. UVC devices are used to emit ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 275 nm to destroy microorganisms which causes them to lose the function to reproduce, killing the bacteria or virus.

We are dedicated to support our clients through this difficlut period. Should you need assistance or guidance on implementing additional measures to ensure safety and security within your business dont hesitate to contact us. 


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